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Therapy for Adults

My goal is to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible so that we can manage any distress you are feeling and help you feel like your best self. In our work, we'll explore any stressors and challenges in your life and the strengths and coping skills that have helped you in the past. I take a relationship-based approach, identifying the relationships that serve you well and those that may not be serving you and that need adjustment. I also hold a sub-speciality in working with perinatal and postpartum clients. I've completed advanced training and certification through Postpartum Support International.

Most importantly, therapy needs to work for you. It needs to feel comfortable, and it needs to feel like a space that you can really delve into what is happening and where you would like to be. Please feel free to reach out for a consultation to see if we're a good fit to work together!

Waiting Room
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