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Therapy for Children & Families
Dyadic Therapy (Parent-Child Therapy)
Kids Playing with Chalk

Dyadic therapy is targeted towards young children birth to five years old, but it can be for older children as well. The focus is on building the relationships with the people who matter most: you and your child. Although young children cannot necessarily talk or tell us what is happening in their brains, they can still communicate with us through their behavior. With my training in early childhood mental health I can help you to understand this behavior and promote positive attachment between you and your child.

Who would benefit?

  • Parents with postpartum depression or anxiety

  • Parents who are feeling nervous about caring for their newborn

  • Parents with children who are struggling with those terrible 2s

  • Children who don't seem to get past the terrible 2s

  • Children who experience a trauma or adverse event

  • Parents with concerns about their child's behavior

  • Parents who want to talk about feelings with their child and expand their emotional vocabulary!

  • Parents who want to bond with their child of any age

Play Therapy

In my work with children of all ages, I utilize a play-based approach to engage them in the work and help children to increase their ability to express their big feelings. I strive to ensure that children feel comfortable in the therapy environment and while some children can talk openly about their feelings many children have a hard time using words to share how they feel. Together we'll use play to talk about our feelings (or play about our feelings!) in a gentle and subtle way that will make therapy feel fun and encouraging. I also want therapy to be a space that invites caregiver involvement so that they can continue to share their feelings outside of our sessions and throughout their lifetime. With older kids, as we may move away from play and more towards talking, I help them to look to their existing supports and their loved ones to help them cope with stressful moments in life. 

Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Dan Counsell
Family Dispute
Family at a Beach
Family Therapy

Family therapy involves working with the entire family rather than with individual members of the family. When a family improves its communication and overall functioning, individual members often see a great improvement as well. 


Using family therapy techniques and the Ackerman Relational model, I can help you achieve positive change for your whole family.

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